DubTurbo Music Software

DubTurbo Music Software

What is DubTurbo?
Dubturbo is computer music making and editing software that you can use to create completely original and unique instrumentals or beats. You can produce high quality sounds that can suit any genre of music ranging from rap, techno, pop, or even dance.

Download DUBturbo Music SoftwareIf you are familiar with other mixing consoles and Digital workstations, Dubturbo can provide the functions of expensive audio editing equipment for significantly less than the market value. You can produce high quality music using the software with relative ease and quickness that will give you the best possible opportunity to become the next great music producer. Dubturbo give users the ability to create a complete studio sound without the hassle of large fee’s and equipment purchases

Why DubTurbo?
The DubTurbo software program has been made to offer beginners a platform to help to make incredible well-sounding beats without needing to decide on high priced additional equipment that often times is too expensive and hard to acquire. Beginning producers tend to initially believe that obtaining an excellent music managing and editing application is easy and reasonable, however, music editing software is not for novices. Not only are most programs tough to learn, they can be quite expensive as well ranging up in the thousands of dollars category. DubTurbo’s interface sheds light around the numerous beat generating features beginners can perform without needing to take the help of an experienced music engineer. DubTurbo is designed for people who need to help making beats by themselves; in addition DubTurbo permits unlimited musical compositions and combinations.

DubTurbo is great for any age group. The software has been designed to help make beats that professional producers create using an abundance of equipment. DubTurbo also has a graphical interface that allows the user to switch between features with the greatest of ease without the assistance user guide. The trend to create beats has evolved in the modern times, nevertheless, today producers can create professional rhythms independently and the task is easy using the DubTurbo software.

What Does DubTurbo Offer?
Buying Dubturbo gives you the opportunity to create the music of your choice using a variety of options. There are a multitude of shortcuts installed on the software’s interface that can be attached to an external keyboard of your choice. That keyboard can control any of the options or features on Dubturbo.  A mouse can also be used to browse the interfaces controls.

DubTurbo offers several professional options for beginning users and beat designers, such as:

•    16 Tracks Of Stereo
•    Trigger Sounds with keyboard shortcuts.
•    Change Sounds and sound patterns.
•    Drag & copy sounds in WAV format
•    Over 1000 drum kit sounds pre-installed
•    Record sounds live or manually tap in your own beats.
•    Mute & save tempo rhythms
•    Export your finished beats in 44.1 studio quality in .wav mastered

Your keyboard syncs with the virtual piano, saxophones, and other instruments. Bass and other top shelf samples help to create authentic studio sound in each beat. You can import separate sounds through the same interface to edit separately. It is everything you need in a hip hop beat maker, and then some!


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